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Professional Experience
Senior Software Engineer at Fusion Constructive, LLC (May 2019 → Current)
DARPA/L3HARRIS SAFE-SIM Contract: Developed data visualization and 3D synthetic environment using Unity3D. Communicated with external teams to implement front end client interfaces in Unity3D with RESTful APIs.
Developed flagship simulation product FUSION using Unity3D.
Maintained Android augmented reality companion app to FUSION product using Unity3D.
Documented and implement coding standards, peer review systems, pull request workflows and git workflows using submodules.
Maintained CentOS Linux servers for local deployment of docker clusters.
Contract Software Engineer at Retora Game Studios (January 2019 → June 2019)
Developed an Android/iOS game using Corona and Lua called Space Merchant.
Implemented front and back end features.
Maintained and provided bugfixes to the codebase using SVN.
Contract Software Engineer at Black Hive Media (July 2018 → February 2019)
Developed Android/iOS game using Unity3D and C#.
Integrated and debugged rendered animations from animation software, Nima (2Dimensions).
Tracked sprints using Trello (Kanban).
Maintained codebase with the Unity3D service, Collaborate.
Contract Associate Software Engineer at Certain Affinity (May 2017 → June 2018)
Fulfilled multiple contracts for Wargaming Group Limited on World of Tanks.
Developed features with Actionscript 2/3 using Scaleform GFx and Python 2.7.
Implemented designs from Certain Affinity and Wargaming designers to specification.
Triaged JIRA tickets, maintained Confluence documentation, Fisheye peer code reviews executed.
Deployed features and bug fixes in weekly sprints.
Mentored other developers in Actionscript 2/3 and Scaleform GFx.
Won "Most Creative" for "CA Team Gingerbread Team House Building" contest.
Teacher at Game Worlds Camp (Summer 2017 & Summer 2018)
Developed and maintained a game and slides for rapid development and learning of how to make games with PICO-8 and LÖVE framework.
Team Manager and Developer as Contractor at EJEW.IN, LCC (Jan 2017 → Feb)
Developed video games with a small team targeting the Wii U platform using C# and Unity3D.
Managed project in preparation for release on digital distribution platform, Steam.
Game was released on steam in The Blue Box.
Chief Executive Officer at Missing Sentinel Software (2011 → Current)
Currently developing YOKO REDUX (
Designed, developed and released RogueCraft Squadron ( in 2 years for Steam and using the LÖVE framework. Provided project management for a small team.
Developed 50+ games with total over 151k downloads. See games at Paid games available upon request.
Developed and maintained distribution website using Drupal 7 with over 135k Downloads.
Participated in 30+ Game Jams. (Multiple Awards)
Used the LÖVE framework, Unity3D Engine, Unreal Engine, Ren'Py engine and PICO-8.
Languages C#, Lua 5.x, Actionscript 2/3, Python 2.7/3, PHP 4/5/7, MySQL 5.x, HTML 4/5, CSS 1/2/3, Javascript, Shell/Bash scripting, Java, C, C++, Brainfuck, Atmel Assembly, VHDL, QBasic 4.5, Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0
Frameworks Unity3D, LÖVE, Scaleform GFx, PICO-8, Drupal 5/6/7/8, Unreal, JQuery, Yii 1.1, CodeIgniter 2.x
Professional Experience C# (5 years), Actionscript 2/3 w/ Scaleform GFx (1 year), Python 2.7 (1.5 years), Back End Linux/PHP/MySQL/Apache (8 years), Front End HTML/CSS/JavaScript (8 years), Drupal (7 years), *NIX Environments (9 years)
Operating Systems GNU/Linux (Many Variants such as Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, CloudLinux), Windows XP/7/10, MacOS, Android, Unix
Software JIRA, Confluence, Visual Studio, Git, Postman, Maven, Fisheye, IntelliJ, PyCharm, vim, Mercurial, Subversion, Perforce, TeamCity, Aegir, Wordpress, Apache, Nginx, Valgrind CacheGrind, KCacheGrind, GIMP 2.x, Adobe Photoshop 5/7/CS/CS2, Adobe InDesign, Quartus II, ModelSim, ExpressPCB, OrCAD Lite, Matlab, Mathematica, Libre, Open and Microsoft Office
Spoken Languages German due to 18 years of residence in Vienna, Austria
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York — August 2011
Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering Technology
Minor Computer Science
Concentration Writing Studies