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Professional Experience
Team Manager and Developer as Contractor at EJEW.IN, LCC (Jan 2017 → Feb)
Prototyped and developed video games with a small team targeting the Wii U platform using C# and Unity3D
Managed project in preparation for release on digital distribution platform, Steam
Chief Technical Officer at Snow Penguin Studios (Spring → Summer 2016)
Prototyped and developed the business website ( Designed and performed usability testing.
Drafted project propositions and created project cost estimations for potential clients.
Senior Software Developer at GivePulse, Inc (Jan → March 2016)
Developed and maintained the GivePulse service with MVC Yii 1.1 Framework & PHP/MySQL on Amazon AWS servers using Git and GitHub.
Software Engineer Contractor (Jan 2015 → June 2015)
Developed applications with MVC CodeIgniter Framework & PHP/MySQL on Linux servers.
Software Engineer at Red Bottle Design (2012 → Jan 2015)
Developed and deployed high tech websites using Drupal and PHP with TeamCity and Aegir.
Deployed and maintained Linux servers and built custom Apache [S]RPM packages for CloudLinux/CentOS 6.
Lead developer of Starfire Lords: Genesis.
Paid Co-Op and Full Time at Open Publishing Lab, RIT (2011 → 2012)
Maintained prototype version of BookBag (RIT-aware resource discovery tool) in PHP/MySQL. Assisted development with Rise (live event journalism) in Drupal 6 using OpenAtrium and Mercurial. Lead Developer of current version of BookBag in Drupal 6 using OpenAtrium and Git.
Paid Co-Op at Digital Publishing Center, RIT (2010 → 2011)
Maintained and themed for Digital Asset Management system, Xinet, and wrote custom code to improve workflow in PHP/MySQL and javascript.
Paid Co-Op Open Publishing Lab, RIT (2009 → 2010)
Developed software in PHP/MySQL and XML for Drop2Print (printing job system). Team Oriented with trac and subversion. Won the Flower City award for best innovation in print publishing technology at the Imagine RIT Festival.
Languages PHP 4/5/7, MySQL 5.x, Lua 5.x, HTML 4/5, CSS 1/2/3, Javascript, Shell/Bash scripting, Java, C, C++, Brainfuck, Atmel Assembly, VHDL, Python 2, QBasic 4.5, Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0
MVC Frameworks Yii 1.1, CodeIgniter 2.x
Frameworks Drupal 6, 7 & 8, LÖVE, Unity3D
Operating Systems Linux (Many Variants), Windows, macOS, Android && Unix
Software Aegir, Git, Mercurial, Subversion, TeamCity, Wordpress, Apache, Nginx, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Quartus II, ModelSim, ExpressPCB, OrCAD Lite, Matlab, Mathematica, Libre, Open and Microsoft Office
Spoken Languages German due to 18 years of residence in Vienna, Austria
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York — August 2011
Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering Technology
Minor Computer Science
Concentration Writing Studies
Related Courses Technical Programming, Computer Science, Operating Systems, Computer Science  Theory, Cryptography, Circuit Theory, Electronics, Differential Equations, Digital Fundamentals, Microcomputers, Digital System Design, Principles of Electronic Design and Automation, Effective Technical Communication, Advanced Electronics, Embedded System Design
Technical Experience
35+ Ludum Dare and 1GAM entries (Video Games)
Developed independently and with teams of other developers and artists using LÖVE, Unity3D, PICO-8 and Ren'Py. See games at Paid games available upon request.
Took Part in the High Tech Rochester Launchpad Class of 2013
Lean Startup workshop, modeled after Steve Blank's Lean Startup Workshop.
Advocate of Open Source Software
Authored and contributed. See